Wire ball cleaning technique

Steel wire ball is a necessary kitchen cleaning tool at home, its strong ability to remove dirt is obvious to everyone, steel wire ball is very “dedication”, always clean others, dirty their own. Dirty steel wire ball we will generally throw it away, in fact, it can also be used, but we hate it dirty just. Today xiaobian to teach you wire ball cleaning skills, let your wire ball look brand-new.

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Ingredients: The ingredients aren’t complicated, just water, baking soda, and dishwashing liquid.

Mix: mix water, bicarbonate of soda and dishwashing liquid in a ratio of 2:1:1. Stir well.

Soak: Place the ball in the prepared solution and soak for a while. At this time you will find that the wire ball has been down the oil stains, the water has become very black and dirty;

Cleaning: Take the wire ball out and put it in water to wash;

If it is not clean, repeat it again. Generally, the above steps can be cleaned, but if the wire ball at home is too dirty, you can repeat the above procedure.

After wiping the bottom of the pot with the steel ball, the steel ball is often greasy, the gap is full of dirty things, then want to wash it again, it will be very difficult. The ball can then be clamped with tongs and placed over the fire. If you don’t have tongs at home, use a small fork or a spoon to hold them. When burning must pay attention to safety, the best hand pad cloth, as far as possible to ensure that the steel ball heated evenly. After the steel wire ball is completely red, turn off the fire and set aside. After the steel wire ball cools naturally, knock off the dirt on it. This not only cleaned the ball, but also to the ball for high-temperature sterilization, kill two birds with one stone.


Post time: Aug-05-2020

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