How to remove the stain on the steel ball?

Want to say the use frequency in the kitchen is highest, deal with stubborn sex besmirch effect the most obvious kind of clean things is wire ball. No matter what kind of stain it is, no matter how hard it is, if treated with a steel ball, everything can be wiped off. Just a kind of circumstance that everybody neglects very easily is, after using it at ordinary times, can rub in washing clean essence only, think it had been clean. But its structure and common cleanness things are different, can remain inside a few residua and besmirch, if did not deal with in time clean word, can produce a lot of bacterium actually. So do not want to use a replacement, small make up suggest you can use up after the wire ball on the fire burn, use high temperature to burn it, so you can thoroughly remove food residue and oil, and then clean by normal cleaning steps to clean.


Another way to clean is to prepare a bowl, a bag of baking soda, a bag of starch, and a bottle of dishwashing liquid. First will be full of oil ball left and right to tear, so that the steel ball will be helpful to clean up the impurities in the trivial. Put the steel wire ball into the basin, pour baking soda and starch at a ratio of 2:1, then pour in adequate water, soak for at least 5 minutes. This will allow the baking soda and starch to fully decompose or remove oil stains from the ball. After soaking the steel ball for 5 minutes, it will be found that the water in the basin becomes dirty and black, and mixed with some impurities. Pour away the dirty water in the basin, add an appropriate amount of detergent, and then rub the steel wire ball with your hands, so that you can thoroughly clean the oil, and finally rinse off with clean water, very simple.


Post time: Jun-24-2020

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