• Life tips for using kitchen sponge sponge

    A dusting cloth can easily remove paper from clothes. When washing clothes, if the paper scraps are accidentally contaminated with the clothes, it is very inconvenient to remove these paper scraps. At this time, you can take a kitchen sponge cloth and wipe the part with paper scraps on the clothe...
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  • How to freshen up the cleaning ball?

    The daily work of the products produced by the clean ball manufacturer is to deal with the oil in the kitchen. After a long time of use, there will also be the phenomenon of the disappearance of the surface luster, which is not the same as the new one. Can the clean ball regain its luster?  ...
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  • All kinds of kitchen sponge clean cloth

    Tea stains are difficult to clean, each time there is always a little bit of residue, as time passes, the more accumulated, can not be washed off!   Against tea stains, clean cloth can be very useful! Put some dishwashing liquid on a kitchen sponge and wipe the sides of the cup, and the tea ...
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  • Wire balls use cleaning tips

    Steel wire ball is cheap and cost-effective, and because it is more useful, composed of steel wire can easily remove the dirt inside the pot and bowl which is difficult to remove, even if the oil on the bottom of the pot can be easily removed, so it is basically essential for every family.  ...
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  • Mushcloth is the most effective powerful dishcloth to remove stains

    Advantages of microfiber cloth washing the dishes, charting, whether you in the baidu search on taobao or looking for microfiber cloth products, or dish cloth, sponge industrial wool cloth, will appear a lot of pages and commodity, and these information effectively help you understand this kind o...
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  • What kinds of cleaning balls are produced by the cleaning ball equipment

    Cleaning ball production equipment is a special equipment for the production of different kinds of cleaning balls. Generally speaking, the clean ball produced by it is not just a simple kind. Then, what kind of cleaning balls are produced by this equipment? At present, there is a kind of natural ...
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  • Wire ball using cleaning tips

    Steel wire ball is cheap and cost-effective, and because it is more useful, composed of steel wire can easily remove the pot and bowl inside the more difficult to remove the dirt, even if the oil on the bottom of the pot can also be easily removed, so basically every family must. But it’s m...
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  • Three key points to note when using a cleaning ball

    In daily life, often to scrub clean ball tableware, especially scrubbing POTS, stainless steel pot, the stubborn focal scale iron, oil stains, rust, scale, when using, directly with the hand grasping steel wire ball, or add a small amount of wash detergent, wash back and forth, easy to use, in th...
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  • How to properly use the bagel cloth

    Baijie cloth is often used in our daily life, but many people do not know how to properly use baijie cloth. Let’s follow Huiyi daily necessities to get a detailed understanding. By experts investigation, the survey found improper use microfiber cloth and dish cloth will cause secondary poll...
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  • How to choose cotton swabs and what to pay attention to when using

    Most cotton swabs sold in supermarkets are not sterilized and are suitable for ordinary cleaning tasks, such as make-up. If you want to treat a wound, it is best to use a sterile cotton swab, such as a hospital or pharmacy.   In sterile cotton swabs, one is wrapped in yellow paper. Cotton sw...
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  • Which material is better

    The cleaning ball is an essential cleaning tool in our kitchen. The ball is easy to operate and easy to use, which can help us save time and effort to do a good job of cleaning. What kind of material is our common cleaning ball made of? Wire ball manufacturer There are many kinds of cleaning bal...
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  • Classification of cleaning balls

    According to the raw material There are two main kinds of cleaning ball, one is plastic cleaning ball, one is steel wire cleaning ball. Plastic cleaning balls have been around for a long time, but they have poor stain removal and there are alternatives. And steel wire cleaning ball decontaminatio...
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